Practice Tests and Study Guides for Passing USPS Postal Exam

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On the lookout for a position with the Postal Service? You'll need to pass a USPS postal exam to work for the US Postal Service (previously known as Postal Exam 473). It's possible that if you've passed postal test 473, you'll discover something terrible: It is no longer necessary to take the Postal Exam 473. Learn how to pass the USPS postal exam with the help of this article's practice tests and study guide.

What is the purpose of the United States Postal Service (USPS) postal exam?

Candidates for various post office roles might be evaluated through a variety of online tests.

Postal Exam 474 (Mail Carrier), 475 (Mail Handler), 476 (Mail Processing), and Customer Service Clerk 477 (Mechanic and Technician) are some of the most prevalent tests that replaced the previous Postal Exams in 2019.

They're utilized to assess job seekers' abilities and establish whether or not they'd be good postal service employees. They look at things like how well you work in groups, how well you communicate, how well you solve problems, and more. These exams may or may not be required depending on the job you are applying for.

About USPS Postal Exam

As much as the USPS assessment score matter is concerned, candidates are evaluated in three different ways by the USPS examinations. You'll be quizzed on your ability to deal with a variety of work situations, as well as your job history and experience, as well as your personality and suitability for the role. Don't be fooled by the Postal Service's inquiries, which are designed to catch any inconsistencies in your answers.

Books and Websites for USPS Postal Exam Preparation

There are no study materials or practice exams available from the USPS to assist you to prepare for the exam. It's possible to get assistance on both free and paid websites, however. As an example, PrepTerminal, which charges a fee for access to practice exams and drills, offers hints and free sample questions. If you're going to buy study resources, be sure they've been updated for the most recent test. For example, the 473 codings and memory practice test have outdated information that will not assist you in passing a current exam.

Getting Ready

After obtaining the link, you have 72 hours (three days) to finish your test. The exam may be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Decide on a time and location where you will be able to concentrate on the test without being interrupted by excessive noise or other distractions. The test will take you 90 minutes to complete.

You'll be given access to a website and a phone number for technical assistance at the start of the evaluation. Access to the evaluation may be made easier for people with disabilities who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

What Happens After The Exam Is Graded?

What comes next once you've taken your exam? To pass the test, what criteria must you meet?

You must achieve at least 70% to pass the USPS examinations. If your score falls short of this threshold, you will be disqualified from consideration for any open positions at this organization. The exam will be closed to you for at least a year if you don't get a passing score.

Only around 80% to 90% of applicants can meet the pass mark, according to the USPS. As a result, thorough planning and regular practice are essential. For those who achieve at least 70%, you may be eligible for an interview. The sooner you are contacted for an interview, the better your score will be. The better your resume looks, the more opportunities you'll have to work in the industry.

To enhance your score, you may only take the exam again after two years. Because of this, it is imperative that you not only pass the test the first time but also get the best possible score. This is why it is so important to plan ahead of time.


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